STONE SLEEPER: the poetry of Mak Dizdar

Mak Dizdar (1917-1971) is among the greatest of South Slav poets. Dizdar wrote lyrically of the Bosnian landscape and history, and is best known for his cycle of poems Stone Sleeper (Kameni Spavac), inspired by the unique and mysterious mediaeval tombstones, or stecci, that lie scattered across the Bosnian countryside. Francis R Jones is the translator of Mak Dizdar. Together with British-based Bosnian actress Irena Mujacic-Carlton he will present a staged reading of poetry by Dizdar and others - using the set of SARTR's production of From Stone, which dramatises Dizdar's poems.

Readings in English and Bosnian

Sunday 22 September at 7pm
Tickets 3 (1 concessions)
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An essential evening of readings featuring some of the most significant Bosnian writers and poets working today. The programme brings together for the first time this outstanding range of guests who have been invited from their homes in Bosnia, the United States and The Netherlands. Hosted by Chris Agee.
Hamdija Demirovic
Hamdija Demirovic was born in Sarajevo in 1953 and lived in Belgrade between 1985-1992 when he emigrated to the Netherlands. He is the author of three collections of poetry and has been a major influence on the younger generation of Bosnian poets. A selection of his early work, Twenty-five Poems, translated by Charles Causley, was published in English in 1980. He is a distinguished translator of poetry from English, notably volumes of Pound and Whitman

Ferida Durakovic
Ferida Durakovic was born in Olovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1957. Her first book of poems was published while studying at Sarajevo University and she is the author of three subsequent volumes. Her most recent collection, Heart of Darkness (1998) has been translated into English. She is Secretary-General of the PEN Centre of Bosnia-Herzegovina and lives in Sarajevo where she remained throughout the siege.

Aleksandar Hemon
Aleksandar Hemon was born in Sarajevo in 1964. He travelled to Chicago in 1992 intending to stay only a few months, but remained there when Sarajevo came under siege. He began writing in English in 1995; his collection of short stories The Question of Bruno (2001) has received considerable critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. He continues to live in Chicago with his wife.

Alma Lazarevska
Alma Lazarevska was born in Velesu, Macedonia in 1957 but moved at an early age to Sarajevo where she still lives and works. Her volume of short stories Smrt u muzeju moderne umjetnosti (Death in the Museum of Modern Art, 1996), has been called one of the finest works to have emerged from the tragedy of the siege of Sarajevo.

Semezdin Mehmedinovic,
Semezdin Mehmedinovic was born in Kiseljak in 1960 and has written four books, among them the acclaimed poetry collection, Sarajevo Blues (1998). He has worked as a script-writer, journalist, poet and editor and was founder of the journal Fantom Slobode (Phantom of Liberty). In 1996 he and his family went to the US as political refugees and he now lives and works in Washington, D.C.

Marko Vesovic
Marko Vesovic was born in Pape, Montenegro in 1945 and has lived in Sarajevo since the sixties. One of Bosnia's most respected writers, he is the author of four collections of poetry and a novel. Also highly distinguished as a critic and essayist, and an influential opponent of Serb nationalism, his articles in the journal Slobodna Bosna (Free Bosnia) appeared to much acclaim throughout the siege.

Chris Agee
is an American poet living in Belfast. He is editor of Scar On the Stone: Contemporary Poetry from Bosnia (Bloodaxe Books 1998) the pre-eminent anthology of Bosnian poetry in English translation. A collection of essays, Journey To Bosnia, is forthcoming.

Readings in English and Bosnian

Thursday 26th September at 8pm
Tickets 5 (3 concessions).
BOX OFFICE 020 8237 1111